9 Reasons Why You Might Benefit From The Simplicity Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is growing in popularity these days, probably due to its efficacy in relaxing the mind, body and soul. My absolute favourite class to share is Yin. So here are 10 reasons why you may benefit from participating in a Yin yoga class.

  1. Unlike other forms of yoga, yin is a very passive form of yoga. Yin encourages the participant to support all of their postures with props such as bolsters, bricks, belts, chairs, walls & other stuff to allow the nervous system to totally relax. When the body Is supported in poses, it means that the muscles are not actively having to engage and work and so this means that they can ‘switch off’ and the nervous system too can ‘switch off’ more. Less energy output here means that the body can get into a parasympathetic nervous state and start to get to work on other important jobs such as detoxification, correct digestion, hormonal balance, reducing stress in the body & so much more.

  2. It improves sleep. Practiced in the evening, Yin yoga really brings the nervous system right down, slowing mind & slowing body. I always get a great night’s sleep after yin.

  3. It’s accessible for all. Yin is super easy, and designed to nurture the body with gentle, supportive postures.

  4. It increases flexibility through relaxing the whole fascial network in the body. From muscles to deep connective tissues, Yin can release the deep seated tensions and resistance in the physical and emotional body. This helps with flexibility.

  5. It reduces inflammation. If your being is chronically stressed or ill, then there is a constant sympathetic nervous state. This means we are in a low level fight or flight more often than is healthy. This results in less effective or accurate immune response, less detoxification, less effective digestion, less hormonal balance and many other health issues which can lead to a chronic state of inflammation such as arthritis, pain or digestive issues. I know first hand the power of yin. In one hour clients’ pain is dramatically reduced, time after time, Yin is the most gentle way to realign your body and mind.

  6. It develops self love. Yin is usually practiced with the eyes closed. If you focus always on the exterior world, you come away from the sanctuary within. If you always focus outside with no observation inside, then you’re not understanding a massive part of your own world, YOU. If you think there is nothing to be gained by looking within, then I will outright say, you probably need to look within 5 mins a day for 6 weeks then come back to me. When we relax within, and connect within, our capacity to love and nurture ourselves grows. When we ourselves are healthy, nurtured and happy, we can nurture and connect with our loved ones even better.

  7. Yin is like mediation for beginners because it is less challenging than meditation. I often find that people find it more effective and then can establish a regular yin/meditation practice for long term habit change.

  8. Yin gives you the Ojas! Good Ojas is the Ayurvedic term for good life essence. You glow after yin because you are so present and peaceful.

  9. Yin will help you adapt to any fitness, diet, training you are doing. When you’re pushing for any goal which is a stress on the body, the recovery is just as important. In reducing inflammation, creating adaptation such as strength gains, fat loss and even nervous system recovery, yin is absolutely a perfect solution. It will help these adaptations take place sooner because you’re actively bringing the body into a state of recovery.

    So if you have chance to try out a yin class then I would just love you to come along. I teach in Aldridge on Friday nights. It’s a gorgeous candlelit class and I also use essential oils for a sensory blissful experience.

    You can book onto my class here or alternatively, you can schedule a 1-2-1 yin yoga session here.