Reclaiming The Witch & How To Begin Connecting With Your Own Womb Magic

Reclaiming The Witch & How To Begin Connecting With Your Own Womb Magic

The biggest change in my health journey just happened to be when I started to claim myself as my biggest healer. I still go to therapy weekly, but my therapy is less about becoming reliant on a therapist, and more about digging deep into my own plutonian, goddess given healing abilities. I did a lot of changing and transforming in my early journey, but EVERYTHING changed when I read Lisa Lister’s book, Witch.

The moment I began to invite in my goddess consciousness and connected with my inner wise woman or witch was the moment I blew open the doors to my own healing powers. It wasn’t that I wasn’t on the path to healing myself and transforming, because I was. BUT unleashing my witch powers was an incredible moment where there was absolutely NO going back.

I am warning you that once you awaken the witch, you liberate yourself and your goddess given magic. This is a force that cannot be reckoned with.

Our wombs are a powerful energy centre where we can not only connect with our wisdom, but generate our own creatrix energy and harness transformational powers.

So if you are woman looking to tap into her own innate healing powers, I believe that the womb is a wonderful place to start.

I like to encourage clients to first start to become familiar with the idea that their womb is a magical powerhouse. I felt a lot of shame, judgement, wierdness about this at first. I almost felt my inner critic sniggering at the idea that our womb was something special. But the more that I let the idea sink into my consciousness, I realised that this judgemental, sniggering voice was infact the ingrained societal beliefs about the word ‘witch’ and the stigma of wise women and the womb being absurd and out there.

The more clients connect with this idea, they are planting the seeds that are starting to awaken their own womb energy.

Next, I love to start to get clients to connect with the word ‘witch’. Say the word Witch and feel it’s density and power. Say it over and over again. Let yourself work on this for a few days. Reclaiming this word and power can be difficult at first. It took me a few months to really allow myself to own it.

When you feel ready or called, maybe at full moon, take some time to sit in a quiet, calm place where you will not be interrupted. Make it as cosy as you like and set aside at least 30 minutes. Start to say the word ‘witch’, but this time, allowing the word to resonate in the womb space. Simply repeat this & connect. Spend time observing after each time you mentally say ‘witch’.

After 10 minutes or so, whatever feels right, start to then invite the consciousness of your womb into your awareness. Greeting the womb energy with a mental hug, embrace or whatever feels right. Spend some time just allowing the womb consciousness in. Then you can start to ask some questions like:

  • What do you need right now to feel more comfort and pleasure?

  • What do you have to teach me?

  • Is there something I can do to help you heal?

  • Where is it I need to help you and give you more love?

  • What do you need to heal?

  • The world would be better if….

  • What do I need to move forward?

  • What herbs or oils do I need?

  • Any other quesions, depending on where this takes you.

Connecting with the womb consciousness can be very emotional. Many women store generations of trauma and karmic pain. When we connect, we claim the space and open the door for healing for ourselves but also our ancestors and generations of women who we follow on from. Do not be surprised if lots of stuff comes up for you to address, because the heart space sometimes uses the womb as a overflow bin for our emotional junk, shame & guilt.

I invite you to allow everything. Accept everything. By accepting and allowing you are healing and integrating any stuck, old, limiting energies and this allows space for power and light to come instead.

When you feel you have finished for now, invite back the consciousness of '-insert your name'-’. Tell yourself your name, the date today and the day of the week. Thank your womb sincerely.

Try and return to this for 21 days at least in a row. It can be 10 minutes a day. Consistency is key.

Feel free to make your own adjustments, such as adding movement, integrating healing oils, herbs and music. The more you connect with your inner womb power and reclaim your witch, the easier this process will be and the more you will be guided by your intuition what is needed for each womb meditation.

I would LOVE you to share any of your experiences with me in the comments section. Anyone you feel may benefit from relcaiming their divine powers, please share with them. You could even do a 21 day womb challenge together.

This is about using your own innate guidance system to really find your truth and your own way of healing, transforming and connecting. Please share anything you have discovered with me, I would love to hear it.

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