Valentine's Part 2 - 5 Step Love Spell to Call in The One for You

In part 2 of my Valentine’s lovely love blog posts, I’m focusing on bringing in some deep soul LURVEE. 

True story that I literally manifested in my love. He is everything I wrote down and I used some pretty Cool full moon spells and love potions alongside it. I was determined to find the perfect man for me, and although sometimes I lack the gratitude I need in our relationship, I always return within and look at him and still he makes me feel all a flutter. He thinks I am nuts. I think he’s divine so you know. God knows what will happen! 

Anyway, this time last year, he was not on the scene but I spent a good couple of months manifesting him in and used full moon to it’s advantage each time. 

I hope you enjoy this and find some joy in it.

  1. Love Potion Massage - All doTERRA Oils because of their purity, potency and efficacy:
    4 drops Ylang Ylang
    4 drops Bergamot
    4 drops Sandalwood
    3 drops Wild Orange
    3 drops Rosemary
    2 drops ginger
    2 drops black pepper
    4 oz. fractionate coconut oil (optional)
    So depending if you want an oil blend to anoint on the skin or a chakra mist you can alter recipe. I like to make into a chakra mist personally using a glass bottle for spritzing and I omit the coconut oil and just use a distilled water, but spring water is fine. Always shake before use. Mix with the coconut oil for the massage blend, and remember, these oils will not automatically make Jude Law bang on the door a la The Holiday, but they will invoke an energetic quality of love as they are heart centred fragrances. Use them before you start manifesting or do spell work. Or indeed use in the bath. 

  2. Manifest
    In Lisa Lister’s book Witch, she shares her love ritual that she used to all in her perfect man. You have to get REALLY specific about the man you want first. Write down in specifics, his qualities, hobbies, attributes, age. You get the picture. And keep doing it. You can even write it as a love letter then bathe it under the moon, or sleep with it under your pillow super charged with crystals like citrine, moonstone and rose quartz. Or any others you may like

  3. Identify any blockages
    If you want love but subconsciously you have a fear of being alone or being abandoned you are going to manifest the subconscious fears in your reality. It’ just quantum entanglement. So work on your issues to do with trust and fears of abandonment first, this is key. You can work with a therapist or practice some deep healing work like reiki. It sounds harsh but you’ll only attract like for like so be mindful of this before you work on drawing in your opposite partner as they’ll literally bring all your shit up to work on. That’s basically conscious relationships !! Be ready!

  4. Magic Love Baths - 3 days over full moon.
    You have a magical love bath whenever you want, but in general, there are two reasons to take one: As a cleansing ritual before a love spell or as a standalone spell when you want to feel big lovin’

As with every ritual bath, use the love potion and any other music, crystals, things that you might like.

5. Do a love spell after your magic bath.
 You can write your own or you can even find one that suits, the internet is full of em! Do them on full moon then you can even burn them or leave them out in the moonlight with crystals charging. 

I hope you enjoyed this! Please share any of your own manifesting stories, potions or spells. Anything really.

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