Valentine’s Wellness Part 1 - Awesome Oils & Real-Ass Rituals for Self Love

I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Course I used to be cynical and think it was cool to hate it, but now I’m like HECK any reason to celebrate love.. why not ?

So I KNOW that it can be a hard time if you’ve recently had a break up and are wanting love, but I totally want to stress that you can celebrate any love!! I love the idea that we can celebrate love any time, but of course on this one day, why not go to town and really love yoself! 

So I had a little idea come to me in meditation earlier, why not just do a post on some ways to self love this valentines with some oils too. So here is part 1 of my Valentine’s series!

It’s worth remembering that without self love and self respect we are good for nothing. If you’re run down, sad, full of troubles, restless in the mind, lack self care, lack health and wellbeing what good are you to your loved ones and community? Exacto! 

So lets roll onto some self love rituals and oils

  1. Rose (well, duh?) - To me self nurture feels Feminine and heart chakra, sacral chakra based. So it only seems sense that roses come into this as they are totally all heart based. Rose tea, rose petals, buying roses are all things I love doing for myself, because sadly, nobody else is gonna! In addition, doTERRA Rose essential oil is just gorgeous for centering, feeling into the heart space and it promotes relaxation, balances emotions and skin and soothes any irritations. So get your rose on. I like to pair with doTERRA Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood & Patchouli for a gorgeous, feminine scent. It gets toooo many compliments with non of the nasties!

  2. Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Jasmine Bath Salts / Bath Oil. Making your own blissful bathing essence is so easy. I just use Himalayan salts and add the oils I want in a tiny bit of fractionated coconut oil. My bath & I smell gorgeous afterwards, and I feel divine. I only use doTERRA because I know that they are certified pure therapeutic grade & I only want to put the best on my skin.

  3. Stop telling yourself to ‘let go’ just because you think you should. Self love doesn’t mean being happy all the time to please the world if in reality you feel like rubbish, have serious low self worth, punish yourself, feel uneasy about the world, lack self belief or generally find yourself in a place of distrusting others. These are all signs that you may have some unresolved feelings that could do with some healing work. Letting go of bad habits, negative beliefs and self limiting behaviours only happens with deep work. Just saying ‘I let it go’ but still feeling uneasy within is probably a sign you’re actually abusing yourself and not loving yourself not one bit! Do not gaslight yourself and your emotions, instead, know its fine to feel angry, sad, upset, grumpy etc no matter who you are. This will actually bring you into more authenticity, humility and bring more real relationships into your life. 

  4. Move through blockages with doTERRA Forgiveness blend. Self love isn’t always about baths and slowing down, it’s also about forgiving ourselves for our mistakes so that we can move towards greater self acceptance and integration. I LOVE using forgiveness blend working with the ways I have treated my body, unconsciously, with anorexia in the past. This oil helps me to sit and work through these feelings so that I can move towards deep self love 

  5. Get yourself surrounded by people who accept you. If you aren’t around any people like that, you can start to open up and maybe share some vulnerable stuff and see what happens. If it feels like you’re not being judged, the self loving thing to do is realise they do not accept you and move away and find a new crowd who do. When you’re surrounded by accepting people who accept YOU then watch your relationships boom, your self believe grow and your authenticity will be much more profound. 

  6. Try and eat nourishing, loving foods. Foods that are warm, soft, smooth generally tend to be more nurturing. Treat yourself!  I Love to make my own 100% chocolate by mixing cacao with doTERRA wild orange oil, honey and coconut oil. Yummoooooo. You can add your doTERRA wild orange or lemon oil to things and see how that tastes. Lemon in your morning porridge is a Game Changer.

  7. Move in a way that feels good. You don’t have to go to a gym to move and get healthy. Join dance class, walk in nature, walk with friends, go swimming, go to yoga. Anything that feels good :) 

  8. Give yourself an oil massage. Self love massage is millennia old, with its roots in ancient Ayurvedic texts. I like to use fractionated coconut oil from doTERRA on my skin everyday, but will add different oils such as doTERRA lavender, ylang ylang or jasmine to smell super sweet and gorgeous for nobody but me! 

  9. Give yourself a pat on the back. So often we notice all the things we are not doing, or haven’t achieved or what we do not have. Guys, lets just take a step back and remember how far we have come and how resilient we are! 

  10. Gratitude. Draw, paint or even move to express your gratitude for the things you all ready have and the qualities you possess. Don’t forget to include gratitude for all the relationships that currently bring you joy. This is where we can discover a fountain of humility, thanks and love that we didn’t even know we had. I like to do gratitude journalling for 5 minutes a day as soon as I wake with Cheer Blend from doTERRA.

I hope you enjoyed these quick tips for self love. What do you LOVE to do for self love ?

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