Toxins, Plastics & More - Why They Can Screw Up Your Health

I was only 16 when my mother died. I strongly believe this was because she was living a heavily toxic life. With no obvious health conditions, people would have said she was healthy, but that was not the truth. My mother suffered terribly with drinking too much at the weekends, yoyo dieting, weight problems, used birth control, used toxic cleaners, shampoos etc, had severe anxiety and depression and probably much more I didn’t know about as a teenage daughter. But what I do know, is that no healthy 40 year old woman should die from a chest infection. If her body and organs were stronger and less burdened with 40 years of ‘average’ living then her body may have been able to cope with the demands of aggressive medications and an infection. You see, I am not sharing this information to be the devil’s advocate or get attention, I am sharing this so that we can ALL make powerful decisions about our own health & where possible, live in alignment with nature as much as possible. It is not personal to any one group of people, it is not a backlash at medicine, it isn’t to sell doTERRA, it isn’t to get you all hugging trees and living in tents… all I want is to share what I know to have helped play a part in healing many people including myself.

Ignorance is bliss, but education is power & truth is sometimes a bitch to hear.

I recently had some backlash regarding my posts on toxins and their effects on our bodies. It was aggressive & upsetting, however, it only propelled me further to share the truth on how these things CAN affect our bodies. I know this first hand through my own health journey and experiences & through over 100 people I have helped heal alongside proper medical care so that they can come away from their Pharma meds and move into more natural solutions.
I am not here to make myself superior, I AM here to share something I feel super passionate about to anyone that will listen and is open to hearing about the science and the things that could be harming us. 

Please note that I am not a medical doctor and do not intend to diagnose, treat or heal any conditions and what I share is not a replacement for medical care. That said, I have experienced this in my own life and with my clients time after time after time. I do not know everything, but I have been researching, exploring and learning alongside applying this stuff for many years & this is what I know to have helped so far to this day.

So What Significance Do These Toxins, Heavy Metals & Plastics Have in Our Health?

Okay, so I cannot possibly go into great detail about this in one blog post. I have been studying this for around year now, going down rabbit holes. My mantra is ‘guilty until proven innocent’ with all products to do with health. I only recommend 2 probiotics and about 3 different multivitamins. I am just the same as other scientifically minded people, this is not some hippy woo woo shit.

Before we get to the different ways toxicity can show up, it’s important to understand “total load.” 

Imagine you have a bucket attached to a long chain. You put stones in the bucket, one by one... until finally, the chain breaks.

The stones are toxins. It’s not any single stone that broke the chain, it’s the total weight.

The total load of toxins in your body is what matters.

The chain is your body and the links in the chain are different organs.

The weight of the bucket breaks the weakest link. That is where symptoms show up. It could be your brain, your kidneys, or a skin disease. It’s different for everybody, which is why there are so many different symptoms for one underlying problem.

The more toxic load you have, the more likely symptoms will show up.  [SEE references]

Here are some common toxins, plastics and heavy metals in our lives - 

  • Glyphosates - Sprayed on foods. Highly toxic. Just check out Dr Stephen Cabral’s Rain Barrell Effect or just pubmed it!
    Dr. Stephen Cabral says “There’s a lot of chemicals or energy-draining toxins that we can easily avoid, but we don’t know are there. He says the dirty dozen list are the ones that are sprayed with higher levels of glyphosate which is a form of pesticide. Those pesticides are meant not to allow bugs to eat all the crops. But the problem is, glyphosate although shown to not be harmful at a small dosage, it hasn’t    shown what it could do over time to our microbiome,” reveals Dr. Stephen Cabral. “We have a hundred trillion bacteria, and those are bugs as well. And they are good bugs. They are supposed to be there. When we take enough glyphosate, that’s the time we see a lot of intestinal based damage. And the glyphosate at the same time, with the dirty dozen, can’t be washed off.”*

  • Commercial Meat and Dairy - can be injected with growth hormones causing oestrogen domincance *

  • Make Up - Full of heavy metals, pthalates, plastics and Parabens

  • Hygiene products - Shower gels, shampoos, ladies menstrual care, deodorants

  • Cleaning products - Bleaches, Antibac sprays, polish, laundry deteregents.

  • Cookware - Heavy metals and plastic flame retardants are top of the list of energy-draining toxins.  They are even more harmful to pregnant women because the toxins could pass right through the placenta, to the umbilical cord, and to the unborn child. Dr. Stephen Cabral shares that there was a study that showed ten unborn children had an average of 200 toxins in their body. The highest one had 300 toxins before they were ever born.*

  • Plastics with BPA - BPA can cause more oestrogen in the body. These compounds can build up in the liver and circulate in the bloodstream and it’s worse if you are stressed. You can then get lower levels of progesterone leading to a challenging imbalance, and whilst not life threatening, starts to set the scene for oestrogen related conditions and chronic imbalances. Adverse effects of toxic plastics can also be linked to depression, bloating, acne on the chin and jawline, lower mood, excessive facial hair growth, increase in cellulite and water retention. If your body is toxic, there isn’t so much you can do in terms of diet & exercise to change these things. *

  • Carpets, curtains, paints in the home - When I first found out about this, I was like, what a load of crap. Then I just felt super scared and terrified. But then I realised it just meant that it was even more important to control what I COULD control.

  • Birth control & other hormonal contraceptions - They are linked with many complex health conditions. Don’t just believe me, do your research, you’ll see the links, the science and be able to make the right choice for YOU.

  • Alcohol, Cigarettes & vapes - They are toxic. Alcohol is poison. My mum had too much of those things and justified it with ‘I like a drink or two at the weekend’. Well so do I, but you have to understand that alcohol is poison, and on some level accumulating many other toxins daily that we see on this list, alongside ‘just a drink’ is just adding another layer. 

  • Tap Water - I have had loads of kickback on this from people. Tap water won’t kill you, okay, we get it. But it’s also important to really educate yourself on what is in your tap water. I just have a filter jug, but ideally, I’d like a whole system. You can do extensive research in this area and in your area to find out about what you’re dealing with. *queue trolls*

Unexplained Symptoms of High Levels of Toxins

  • Fat Accumulation & Water retention - Because of energy-draining toxins, a lot of people are putting on toxic water weight and toxic fat because their bodies are swelling. If you start to lose weight too quickly, you can have flu-like symptoms, skin rashes and headaches. Most people also have the wrong idea about metabolism. They think that metabolism can just be altered by what you eat. But Dr. Stephen Cabral says metabolism isn’t just calories. It’s about the actual energy and movement in the body.*

  • Oestrogen Related Cancers - There is a lot of research supporting a strong correlation between oestrogen dominance and cancer. This is why many cancer therapies include oestrogen suppression. The problem here isn’t often the oestrogen itself, its the ratio of oeastrogen to other things in the body. Alcohol, Skincare Prodcuts, Cosmetics, BPAs, Skincare products, commercial meat and so much more can be causing our risk to be higher* 

  • Constant Fatigue 

  • Bad Breath

  • Constipation

  • Sensitivity to strong smells

  • Skin Rashes

  • Problems with menstruation, hormones and feeling like your hangover lasts 2 or 3 days

  • Waking up at 2/3AM nightly

  • Disturbed sleep 

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Gut Issues

  • Brain Fog, Lack of Focus, Inability to concentrate, Memory Loss, Forgetfulness

There are many other things that are not on this list and this is why it is so important we do not sit in the seat of victimhood, ignorance and defeat if we want to take ownership of our health and wellbeing. Remember that toxicity comes from total LOAD not just toxic or not toxic. It is the level at which we accumulate these in our bodies.

What Measures Can We Put In Place To Help Ourselves and Our Family?

Remember that it isn’t about scaremongering, but about educating. Start one step a month and just see what you can accomplish.

  • Go organic - You can go organic where possible. I started with a few things, now I go with Able & Cole. There are so many choices nowadays, just start small. Yes it costs more, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say.

  • Regular detoxes - Now I do not like faddy detox diets. A lot of them are cobblers and leave the body vulnerable. Detoxs do not have to be extreme, nor liver cleanses. I’ve tried so many and honestly, the body doesn’t need much because it does detox itself! Our bodies are amazing, but we can give them a helping hand. A simple 24 hr fast can help, ingesting more organic leafy greens, using less chemical cleaners in the house etc. I personally recommend you educate yourself and read ‘The Rain Barrell Effect’ DR Stephen Cabral & ‘How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy’ Paul Chek, where there are details of more gentle ways to detox that are actually not ridiculous and difficult. If you don’t want to invest in the book, head to podcasts. My favourite are The Cabral Concept & Paul Chek’s ‘Living in 4D’. 

  • Sleep better - Do whatever you can to support better sleep. You can check out my article on sleep. Sleep is sooooo important & a special time for our body to do its thing. 

  • Get rid of toxic cleaners & more - You can month by month move away from toxic cleaners, health care products, make ups etc. It took me a while but now I would NEVER use certain toothpastes, shampoos, soaps etc. Just go month by month buying new things. I love love love doTERRA for all cleaning stuff, their laundry detergent is amazing and doubles up as dishwasher stuff. Their hand wash doubles up as shower gel. Their lemon oil and on-guard can make a anti bad spray for the surfaces. Just replace things as you go, when you can. If you want and doTERRA toxin free products for your home please just contact me on how to get these. 

  • Move away from hormonal birth control - Honestly, the best thing I did was to come off the pill. I KNOW it’s easier just to take a pill but it was like after a year my body recalibrated and I felt sane again. In so many ways my health changed. You can look further into this by checking out some of Christina Rice Wellness Podcasts and Blogs.

  • Proper Nourishment & Supplementation - When our body is exposed to plastic and toxic things, our body has to take these toxins from the environment and break it down. It is essential to support the liver by eating cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, and similar green leafy vegetables. They naturally high in amino acids that are going to allow our body to take these toxins and shift them out.“You give the body more of the vitamins and more of this specific amino acids to allow phase 1 and phase 2 detox. So that your body can eliminate the waste through your gallbladder…” Dr. Stephen Cabral. He adds, “Phase 1 is a lot of the antioxidants, vitamin C and E, and natural vitamins. They would be all the B vitamins and folic acid.” On the other hand, glutathione is referred to as the mother anti-oxidants. Dr. Stephen Cabral says that when the liver needs to remove toxins, it looks towards glutathione. Aside from glutathione, selenium is one of the most underrated minerals including zinc. Both are necessary for the immune system, hormones, blood sugar, and thyroids. *
    Many of my clients and myself love to support my body with Life Long Vitality Supplement from doTERRA and Zendocrine. Please contact me if you want to try these, they are so powerful for bringing all the gaps in the body. 

  • Dry Brushing & rebounding  - Circulates the lymphatic system in the morning and only takes a short amount of time! 

There are so many things you can do to support your body in detoxification and come towards greater health and wellbeing. I strongly urge you to go away and do your own research. Look towards health practitioners who are not dogmatic and do not shun our medical system. Look towards educated health advocates who have experience, share studies and remain as objective as they can. 

All things have a place in our health, but we need to advocate for ourselves more than anything. Education is power, and when we know about these things we can then take our lives into our own hands and move forward alongside proper medical care. 

Please, please, please if you take anything from today, remember that health conditions are always a signal from our body to take note and restore wellbeing.

Prevention is far far more powerful than cure, and do not wait until it is too late. I cannot urge you enough to take action today, however small, to step foward and move into greater health and wellbeing.

If you know anyone who needs this information and doesn’t know why they have certain health issues, please share, please comment and please get to a workshop and meet me. 

References : - Many many quotes from here. Thank you!!!