Chakra Series: Balancing the Throat Chakra & Speaking Your Truth

The Throat Chakra, known as “Vishuddha” (sanskrit for “pure/purification”), is of course located in the Throat. It is valve which, when open, allows the energy from the other chakras to flow. Like all other chakras, when out of balance, it can really play havoc with the other chakras. In addition when out of balance, the throat chakra can really affect our ability to communicate our truth, sometimes from fear of judgement or ridicule. This can also translate into trouble manifesting & realising our truth in the world.

Think of the lower chakras in relation to the throat chakra. As the energy rises upwards through the chakras (provided it is in balance) and meets the throat it is a bottle neck effect. If there is blockage here a lot of energy can build up. For me the throat blockage has resulted in recurring swollen glands, sore throats and a real inability to be able to express what I feel, communicate my truth to the world because of fear and even a real tight, aggressive feeling in the throat.

Often issues in the lower chakras can build up issues then into the throat as the throat is where you can really express and translate any blockages or feelings from the lower chakras in order to be processed. Hence, it is really common for the throat to be blocked.

When open & balanced, the throat chakra allows us to express clearly, eloquently & truthfully. It is linked with the ears & nose due to it’s element being sound. The aura of the throat chakra can be seen as blue or purple.

Signs your throat chakra is out of balance

  • Gland or Thyroid issues

  • Chronic Sore Throats/Tonsillitis/swollen glands

  • Feeling aggravation in the throat

  • Aggression which feels restricted in the throat area

  • Grinding teeth

  • Wisdom Teeth issues

  • Gum Inflammation

  • Lack of control over speech, speaking before thinking, motor mouth, getting aggressive and rambling on without thinking

  • Inability to listen to others

  • Listening to talk

  • Fear of speech

  • Small voice, child when feeling shy or shameful or vulnerable

  • Hard to keep secrets

  • Telling lies

  • Excessive shyness

  • Lack of connection with a clear purpose or vocation in life

  • Anxiety, aggression, depression, rage

Healing & Opening Practices for the Throat Chakra

  • Be blue – surround yourself with blue

  • Cleanse with water – Drink more water to allow the energy to flow through

  • Aromatherapy with doTERRA -such as jasmine, ylang ylang, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, calendula

  • Be more honest – communicate honestly with your friends & family. Added bonus, it will bring you closer, oftentimes.

  • Sing – Singing is pretty much the only time I feel at ease to express. But before I sing, I get super nervous and scared.

  • Write it down – journal, write poems, write love notes, sorry letters, angry letters, pretty much anything you like. Then you can burn it. Super cathartic.

  • Yoga poses such as camel, bridge, plow, fish & forward fold

  • Meditate on the throat – For 5 mins you can take on the consciousness of the throat chakra and see what arises for you

Let me know when you have tried any of these things or even share some personal things that help you to be more clear, truthful and honest in your expression.

I just can’t wait to hear your experiences, too!! Comment below!