Chakra Series: Balancing the Third Eye Chakra

The third eye is known as ‘Ajna’ in Sanskrit. It is located between the eyebrows and when in balance, it sees clearly the inner and outer world & is what people would associate with clairvoyance and psychic abilities. Some people are born with this chakra open and as such have extrasensory abilities of different kinds.

This chakra allows us to see the deeper meanings & wisdom in life beyond black & white, right & wrong and good & bad. When the third eye is open, you not only see but deeply understand. It enables you to be able to find balance between emotion and reason and meet goals that are related to your deeper soul purpose.

Signs that Your Third Eye is unbalanced

  • Lack of faith in your purpose

  • Inability to trust you intuition or ignoring it all together

  • Feeling Purposeless

  • Feeling like your work or vocation is pointless

  • Paranoia

  • Headaches

  • Eye pain

  • Sinus Pain

  • Rarely feeling creative or inspired by anything

  • Either overly logical or overly emotional

  • Becoming absorbed by the details but struggle to see the “bigger picture”

  • Daydreaming in your thoughts to avoid reality

  • Sometimes you are egotistically attached to special “powers” (ability to see visions, clairsentience, etc.)

  • You react emotionally before thinking

  • You may find you are addicted to things which you believe will make you happy (relationships, food, sex, money, status, shopping, etc.)

  • You struggle to see reality clearly

  • You can’t seem to connect to your soul

  • Your interactions with other people are very trivial or superficial

  • You mistrust or dislike people easily

  • You have rigid opinions about the world that you aren’t willing to change

  • You find it hard to be open-minded

  • You might be perceived as arrogant and opinionated or…

  • You might be perceived as being dreamy and ungrounded

  • You have a dense and heavy ego

  • You’re strongly attached to outcomes

  • You lack focus and decisiveness

  • You suffer from delusions/mental illness

Things that Help to Open the Third Eye

  • Crystals such as fluorite, amethyst & obsidian

  • Challenge your perspective & explore other points of view

  • Decalcify your pineal gland – cut out anything that contains fluoride

  • Superfoods such as Ceremonial Cacao, purple foods, omega 3

  • Third eye meditations

  • Mindfulness

  • Herbs such as mugwort, star anise, rosemary, jasmine, passionflower

  • Explore your limiting beliefs

  • Try a psychedelic shamanic journey

  • Star Gaze & Moon Gaze

  • Pay attention to dreams – start a dream journal

  • Try tratak – the yogi word for Candle Gazing

Let me know what you like to do to balance the third eye!