Chakra Series: Balancing the Solar Plexus

Chakra Series : Balancing Manipura (The Solar Plexus)


They say that, when in balance, the solar plexus is like a “lustrous gem” because it shines like the sun. When you experience grounded but great confidence, inner drive and autonomy then you are likely in a state of empowerment & harmony in this chakra. The manipura is above the belly button, just below the rib cage and central in the abdomen. It’s element is fire & colour yellow.

Like all other chakras, this chakra too can become imbalanced through life’s challenges. When one has no choice but to feel beholden to the hypnosis of societal conventions, impressions of the collective ego of humanity & feels completely powerless yet angry about the world, then it is a recipe for some disharmony in the manipura. Other things such as bullying, strict parents, sexual or physical abuse, disempowering and rigid ideologies forced upon you as a child or overbearing authoritarian figures in your society who shame any level of individuality which doesn’t conform to the collective ideal can also contribute to this chakra being out of balance and in need of some TLC.

Signs that your Solar Plexus May Be Out of Balance

Remember to always seek further help if you are not sure. These are things I know to be true for me and many clients I have worked with in the last 10 years, however, take what  resonates, leave what doesn’t.

  • You often feel fatigued or lazy

  • You have unhealthy patterns with overeating and overindulgence

  • You may subconsciously manipulate others to get what you want, OR

  • You frequently feel powerless about the world

  • You can be bully or overly dominating around others, OR

  • You often feel insecure and unassertive and like to project your shame and insecurities by judging others instead of focusing on yourself

  • You lack self-confidence in many areas

  • You tend to seek approval from other people such as people pleasing, identifying with ‘manager’ positions to feel value etc. Basically, this is my default!

  • You have low self-esteem, OR

  • You have an over inflated sense of self i.e huge ego, proudness

  • Your body temperature is usually extremely cold OR extremely hot

  • You have addictive patterns

  • You struggle to set boundaries for yourself and in relationships

  • You tend to form relationships based on addiction, codependency and normalising non-serving habits.

  • You suffer from a some metabolic or digestive disorders such as IBS, ulcers, hypoglycemia, diabetes, chrohn’s & more

  • You often suffer with frequent gas, constipation or stomach upset

  • You have excessive weight around the stomach related to cortisol overload

Deficient Solar Plexus – Low self-esteem, powerlessness, fatigue & poor willpower

Overactive Solar Plexus – Egotism, Controlling behaviours, manipulation & addictions.

Often our solar plexus imbalance form controlling behaviours to low self esteem are rooted in shame. Shame is the fundamental belief that there is something wrong with who we are. Shame takes root deep in our subconscious from early childhood and is often the master of the puppet show of our non serving patterns & non serving beliefs. In order to really address your behaviours, using a therapist can really help you to go into the self and shed all those layers which do not serve you and aren’t really who you are. Then you will feel in alignment, empowered and confident within yourself. 

Practices to assist Balancing the Solar Plexus

  • Break Routine & try something new – If you are deficient in the solar plexus, breaking free from controlling regimes can really help you feel fluid, confident and flooding with a bit of let loose energy

  • Yellow – Wear it, see it, meditate on it, paint with it

  • Get in the Sun – Easier said than done in the winter. You can meditate on the sun and feel its warm rays flooding into your manipura.

  • Cut ties with people who are low vibrational & normalise non-serving non-loving behaviours – I’m talking about negative people, emotional vampires, people who use you as a crutch to drink/smoke/take drugs with, people who sit in a pit of shame and lethargy, basically anyone who doesn’t raise you up is not serving you or themselves.

  • Explore the biggest areas of resistance in your life – What do you constantly fight against ? Work, money, family, friends, self? Explore and process.

  • Eat more oats, spelt, gluten free grains, lentils, chickpeas, beans, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon as these heat and ground the body. Try yellow foods like lemons, bananas, mangos, melons & pineapples

  • Release anger – Explore and release anger in a safe way, perhaps with a therapist

  • Realise the power you DO have to change your life

  • Meditate with these crystals – citrine, amber, topaz, tiger’s eye, yellow calcite

  • Laugh at yourself. Go on. Have giggle, let go of that rigidity

  • Take care of your self every. single. day. – This comes from a deep place of self worth. Self care will become a non negotiable when you realise that the more you care for you, the healthier you become, the better your relationships, the deep sense of self worth and boundaries you will have will in itself be empowering

  • Move – the solar plexus loves to move. Move in any way, dance, yoga, stretch, run.

  • Set goals to develop will power and confidence

  • doTERRA Oils – like black pepper, cinnamon, rosemary & sandalwood are great

  • Chant the mantra “RAM”


We are always striving for better balance. When we are in harmony, we can heal, enjoy life and really serve ourself and others to our best of our ability. it is time to reach your true potential. The only thing in your way is you.

Let me know your thoughts, comment, like, share, follow. I cannot wait to hear what you do to help your solar plexus shine bright!