Chakra Series: Balancing the Sacral Chakra

Chakra Series – Svadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra

The 2nd Chakra in Sanskrit is know as “Svadhishthana” which means “one’s own place”. Ruled by Water, the 2nd Chakra is inherently feminine/yin/shakti in quality and unlike the animalistic qualities of the root chakra, this chakra reflects the true and natural qualities of who you really are. The colour of this chakra is orange reflecting the creative, warm, emotionally fluid and nourishing nature of it’s energy.

The 2nd Chakra is the centre of pleasure, sensuality and creativity. When a person is balanced and unblocked in this chakra they radiate warmth, live playfully and are able to flow from emotionally deep talk into sensual & sexual energies freely and without shame.

Now y’all know I never profess to be a guru, but certain things here have been true for me and many others I have helped heal in the last 10 years working as a wellness and holistic coach. When it comes to metaphysical energy imbalances, the ego often likes to kick in and deny what it cannot see, such as female/male yin/yang shiva/shakti energy imbalances. Take what resonates with you, leave what doesn’t. If you want further help you can always seek the help of an therapist, ayurvedic MD, medical doctor or natural therapist.

Signs Your Svadhisthana Is Out Of Balance

  • You have addictions to anything which brings pleasure, such as alcohol, food, gambling, compulsive buying etc

  • You feel emotionally numb or cold (also relevant to heart chakra)

  • You have no sex drive or feel guilt/shame around sex

  • Your sex drive is through the roof and you are sexually impulsive without control or discernment

  • You feel a blockage of sexual energy

  • You feel like a control freak and struggle with anything like uncertainty or sponteneity

  • You have issues with your menstrual cycle, fertility issues, sexual function issues.

  • You’re constantly knackered & feel little playfulness or joy in life.

  • You repress your true feelings, even from yourself

  • You’re extremely emotionally reactive and take everything personally.

  • You’re emotionally hypersensitive in crowds

  • You’re creatively blocked, and you tend to overthink everything before doing.

  • You have lower back, kidney or digestive disorders

A blocked sacral chakra feels like frigidity, detachment & emotional coldness.

An overactive sacral chakra feels like codependency, emotionally explosive & sexual addictions.


Practices to Nurture the Sacral

  • Be Creative – Cookery, Art, Painting, Sculpture, Music, Dancing, Creative Movement, Craft, Photography etc. Anything creative and playful helps. Have no outcome based approach, simply just let go and flow.

  • Take Ceremonial Cacao – Find a local cacao ceremony & use the power of the cacao goddess to really awaken your divine god/goddess essences within.

  • Eat Orange, Rooty Foods – Sweet Potatos, Carrots, Squash, Oranges, Ginger, Cacao, Cinnamon. MMMMM.

  • Explore your beliefs around Sex – If necessary work with a sexual therapist. Even try Yoni Crystals and engage in de-armouring practices to help you release blocked and negative energies around sex and shame. Do not do this without deeply reading into it. Melissa Ambrosini talks well about this in her book ‘Open Wide’; I highly recommend.

  • Crystals which bring your Sacral Chakra into alignment – Carnelian, Amber, Orange Calcite, Jasper & Moonstone.

  • Become aware of emotional triggers

  • Get to the root of any addictions – Work with a therapist and start to heal those wounds of anxiety, shame & escapism.

  • Practice self care – Get into nature, Salt baths, Candlelit mindful dinners, Goddess Circles, Connect with loved ones, Indulge in pleasure.

  • Try something spontaneous

  • Try doTERRA Essential oils – Oils such as orange, cinnamon, ginger, jasmine, neroli & bergamot. Ylang Ylang and Sage are essential and you can blend them with a carrier oil and rub directly onto the sacral area, below the navel.

  • Yoga – Try Yin, Chakra Dancing or Well Woman

  • Breathing Practices such as Kapalabati or Kumbaka – Unsure? Youtube it, baby!

  • Get into Nature around water especially. Or Swimming.

  • Chant ‘Vam’

  • Explore your menstrual cycle and goddess essence –Try a course with me :D

  • Connect with and learn about the moon

Once you try an activity, really explore and reflect on how it makes you feel.

Of course, let me know anything that helps you and don’t forget to comment, like, share and follow!