Chakra Series : Balancing The Root Chakra

Know as Muladhara in Sanskirt, the Root Chakra can be broken into two parts. “Mula” meaning “root” and “Adhara” meaning “support/base”. The Root Chakra lays the foundation for all the chakras above it, a bit like a pyramid, if this chakra is unstable and has a dodgy foundation, the structure above it will also be unstable. A solid foundation gives you a strong, solid sense of being and purpose. We are after all in the physical realm, and this chakra is all things earth.

The root chakra is located at the pelvis or perineum at the base of the spine.Your root chakra energy is based on your primal needs, instinct, survival & safety. For example food, shelter, relationships, trust, finance and safety.

For some people, it can be that even if they have everything they need, they struggle to feel secure in their being because of unresolved past issues which have affected their root and left it out of whack.

Now y’all know I never profess to be a guru, but certain things here have been true for me and many others I have helped heal in the last 10 years working as a wellness and holistic coach. When it comes to metaphysical energy imbalances, the ego often likes to kick in and deny what it cannot see, such as female/male yin/yang shiva/shakti energy imbalances. Take what resonates with you, leave what doesn’t. If you want further help you can always seek the help of an therapist, ayurvedic MD, medical doctor or natural therapist.

Some Signs Your Root is Out of Balance 

  1. Obsession with Money – thinking about it, holding onto it, anxiety around it, scarcity mentality

  2. Trust issues

  3. Belief that you can only trust yourself and only rely on yourself

  4. Workaholic tendencies with a tendency to push to burn out

  5. You have or had a dysfunctional family relationship

  6. Feel like there is never enough to go around

  7. You have fear of loss of control

  8. You are hyper tuned in to any threat around you

  9. You feel dizzy, spaced out, ungrounded or anxious often

  10. You find being authentic around others difficult

  11. You feel disconnected from people and nature

  12. You are a chronic hoarder and collect things

  13. You gain weight in lower half of body unnaturally i.e love handles, thick thighs

  14. Problems with colon

  15. Bladder Problems

  16. Elimination Problems

  17. Back, Leg, Hip, Knee, Feet issues

  18. Prostate Issues

  19. Eating Disorders

  20. If you are a single parent, often we take on the role of this masculine chakra and it can become depleted or overactive. For more info on this subject read here.

Excessive or Blocked?

Any chakra can be blocked OR excessive

Excessive Root Chakra – lively, agitated, reactive, aggressive, outwards, greed, workaholism, anger, hoarding possessions and money (too much energy flows in)

Blocked Root Chakra – lifeless, sluggish, passive, blocked, inwards, prone to withdrawal, anxiety, suspicion of others (not enough energy flows in)

Steps to take to Ground You and Balance Your Root

  1. Smells – the root chakra is governed by smell. Use grounding or woody essential oils such as nutmeg, cinnamon, sandalwood, cedarwood. Compliment these with something lighter such as bergamot to keep the root chakra energy moving smoothly.

  2. Red – Think red. Surround yourself with this ruby red powerful colour. Eat red foods too.

  3. Eat – Think Earthy and Rooty. Roasted Beets, Turmeric, Parsnips, Onions, Potatoes. Anything rooty is helpful. Something like Shilajit is great because it is from rocks of the himalayas and really grounds you with a large hit of fulvic acid, which is hard to find anywhere.

  4. Dance – The Root chakra LOVES to dance. You can try belly dancing, salsa, bachata or just throw on a record. Move the hips and unleash that energy.

  5. Crystals – Use garnet, red jasper, black tourmaline, obsidian, hematite, and bloodstone or anything else that resonates.

  6. Grounding Music – such as drumming or native american

  7. Chant “Lam” over and over again. Meditate on the word Lam.

  8. Get Into Nature, particularly rocky areas and near trees.

  9. Targeted Yoga, such as Yin or Well Woman.

  10. Explore fears around scarcity, money, trust, family, relationships and process.

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Let me know what helps you to work through Root Chakra imbalances !!!