Essential Oils to Get You Through the Day When You're Feeling Crappy and Low

It’s not uncommon to have low days, after all we are human. I definitely have had my fair share the past few months, and have to work quite a lot to delve deep into myself to move forward and realise that low days are just providing me with more opportunities to cultivate self love and deeper gratitude. It is really hard sometimes to motivate yourself to give yourself the right medicing when you are feeling down and out.

Ohhhh man, don’t I know that it would be SO much easier to continue feeding into my old patterns of disconnection rather than do something loving and helpful. Some days it really is true that instead of yoga or a bath, watching some netflix, eating ice cream and chilling is a great decision if it feels like the loving choice. However, it can also be that these things help us to avoid, disconnect from and ignore our emotions. In order for us to truly make decisions that reflect what we REALLY need, we need to come into our parasympathetic nervous system state (relaxation, calmness, stillness). If we are in sympathetic nervous system state (stress, busy, work work work, tension), then it’s not as easy for us to make a decision which truly reflects what we need on a soul level in order to feel better.

I’ve found that the power of aromatherapy can be incredible. doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils are so powerful because when we use even just 1 drop aromatically, the aromatic compounds affect our limbic system (emotions, feelings) and olfactory nerve (state of awareness etc) to help us really relax. If this sounds like quakery, think about when you have an operation and go under. They use gas. These compounds bring us into a state of unconsciousness when we inhale them. Aromatic compounds from oils are no different.

So we can use essential oils to bring us into a state of awareness to then make the decisions that can really help us feel better. Not only that, a lot of research shows that even using essential oils aromatically or topically can radically help with anxiety and depression. I have so many clients who are finding that just 1 drop of doterra oil used can really help gently, but effectively change their state. How amazing is that?

Disclaimer - Please remember that I am not a doctor and I do not treat, diagnose or cure any illness. Please seek the help of a medical professional, as this is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

So here are my favourite oils for bringing you out of misery and into motivation!

  • Console Blend - This blend helps with feelings of lonliness, hopelessness, greif and sadness. I really love this blend as it smells wonderful but honestly, when I have been dealing with real grief, it has been so so fab for me to gently feel better. Especially when life goes on but you wish it would just stop for a little.

  • Cheer Blend/Motivate Blend - A few of my clients have diffused these in their houses in the morning to help them feel motivated and bouncy. It is really powerful to help you feel uplifted because citrus oils help release seratonin, which can really help our mood, especially in winter!

  • The Superwoman Blend - Clary Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Frankincense and Wild Orange. I place these into a rollerball and roll on wherever I feel I gotta get myself into badass mode but really I feel just plain bad. Sometimes I add geranium, totally love it.

  • Elevation Blend - OMG this blend is divine and smells of ylang ylang, lemony goodness. So nice diffsued to help you feel feminine powerful vibes throughout the day.

  • Forgive Blend - This is great if you are experiencing real feelings of resentment, guilt or shame. Getting over huge life challenges and traumatic events really needs a level of forgiveness as part of the letting go stage. Although this cannot be rushed, and isn’t suddenly going to happen with an oil (at least I haven’t experience that yet!!) it really can help us to move through stagnant emotions which are keeping us stuck.

  • On Guard Protective Blend - Although this blend is known for its potent antiviral, antibacterial, anti everything qualities, I also like to coin it the anti-bastard blend. Hear me out: it is a protective blend. If you are an empath, or generally a little bit low, other people’s energy can mess you about, so you can use this on your feet in the day, diffused in a office, home environment or in a roller ball.

  • The Grumpy Git Blend - Frankincense, Lemon & Wild Orange. For when you’re a grumpy git or you live with grumpy gits, pop 3-5 drops of each in a diffuser and de-git your home. You can basically be an oily manipulater towards yourself and those around you! Citrus oils are soooo good for the mood and have multiple benefits, so with their price being low, your bang for buck is high!

  • Rose Oil - Rose is my favourite blend. It is so so so powerful for bringing in the energy of self love and nurture and works directly on the heart chakra. I highly recommend this for anyone who feels blocked in their heart. I just LOVE roses.

  • Peace Blend - This is the most gorgeous doTERRA blend IMO. It is powerful and long lasting and helps calm feelings of tension, anxiety , stress and worry. Great for diffusing around the house.

I really think that all oils are powerful for many things as oils have so many different benefits depending which they are. I would strongly recommend the Emotional Aromatherapy System or Home Essentials Kit for anyone who wants the full spectrum of benefits from doTERRA in their lives to give them more power and freedom over their self care plan. When we take hold of our health and are proactive, magic happens.

These are just a few blends which I think are helpful for bringing you & sometimes those around you into a better place of awareness. I advocate for these oils because I know that they are lifechanging. They are not like other essential oils because they really do work!

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