Essential Oils to support Anorexia, Binge Eating Disorder & Bulimia


If you have ever experienced or known someone who has experieced and eating disorder, you will know first hand how challenging and debilitating they can be.

As someone who has developed an eating disorder literally from my earliest memory, I know how difficult it is to work through the psychological, emotional and physical struggles of an eating disorder. I think that for 22 years of my life, every single thought was ruled by food, self worth, loneliness, worry and anxiety.

If you are reading this then the most important thing to understand is that eating disorders are absolutely NOT about food. I strongly recommend that you take this information as my own experience and do not take it as professional medical advice. If you or someone you work with or know has an unhealthy relationship with food, I absolutely recommend finding professional support. I had to because sadly, no amount of essential oils or lifestyle changes will get to the roots of the psychology at play that leads to these sorts of behaviours.

All I want to share is things that helped support me alongside professional help & still do when those old thoughts resurface like they have in the past few weeks. It is humbling to know that no matter how far we have come, the viral patternology of eating disorders can resurface at any time, mainly to protect us from harm and pain. It is up to us whether we allow these patterns to rule the roost or whether we choose them as a deeper opportunity to heal, learn and move into greater self love.

So here are some lovely things that you can do to support you alongside professional intervention.

  • Use Wild Orange, Bergamot or Lemon Essential Oils - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils only can be added to water for internal use, one or two drops is enough. Personally, I like to diffuse in my room or put on drop in my hands and inhale. When we breathe the citrus oils in, generally they act as mood balancers as the aroma hits the limbic system it affects the neurotransmitters and improves mood in real time.

  • Use Lavender or Serenity Blend if you feel the need to binge/purge or preceding a meal you feel anxious about - When you feel the anxiety rising that is leading up to a binge (the more in tune you become with your eating disorder, you’ll notice how this feels in your body) you can use Lavender or Serenity on the skin. You can also inhale to help lower cortisol levels, bring you into a parasympathetic nervous state, lower heart rate and just slows you down. If you have a regular binge/purge cycle or you notice you have a trigger earlier in the day, start from that point that your subconscious suggest binging. This can help bring you down to a state where you can make a choice which reflects self love rather than automatic & out of control behaviours.

  • Use Emotional Blend ‘Console’ - This blend from doTERRA is super powerful. It is a blend of CPTG oils to help comfort, nurture, release and feel safe. Console is very powerful for me as it contains myrrh which is said to create a motherly feeling. It certainly does for me. A bit like going to your favourite place as a child, when you use Console, there is a deep feeling of safety and ‘it’s okay’.

  • Use Emotional Blend ‘Forgive’ - A common factor in people who have eating disorders is how hard they are on them selves. Forgive helps me when I have feelings of guilt arising after eating, choosing not to exercise or anything else which brings me a feeling of guilt. Often people think about forgiving others, but in an eating disorder, often we are blaming ourselves for basically, everything that goes wrong, even if it isn’t our fault. This blend is SO powerful so give it a go.

  • Use Emotional Blend ‘Peace’ - This blend can be used when you have all the fragments of you shouting like a boxing match in your brain. With so many patterns and thoughts fighting for survival in the boardroom of the subconscious mind, this oil helps slow you down so you can start to see them without letting them overtake you. This way we can start to actively shepherd the thoughts & beliefs rather than let them rule the roost. The patterns and thoughts just need to be heard, but if you’re resisting them and feeling overwhelmed or out of control, you cannot quite do this in the same way.

  • Use Copaiba twice a day, every day, under the tongue - Copaiba is a source of CBD, similar to cannabis, but it is from a Native American Tree. doTERRA use co impact sourcing with all oils and I really do find that this helps me severely reduce my general high-wired state into a state of calm each day. Like CBD, you need to use it regularly it can take up to 4 weeks to really get going, you need to sort of build it up. Place under tongue 1-2 drops and try to keep it under there for at least 2 minutes for maximum absorption.
    Dr Stephen Cabral talks about why this is so important on his podcast The Cabral Concept. I love CBD, it helps you feel super connected to nature and the bigger picture, energetically. Just be careful where you get it from. If not doTERRA Copaiba you can try Shifa Herbs, in Birmingham, or order from NED CBD which is a Full spectrum Hemp oil, infused with binaural beats. You can even get a unique discount from if you listen to her awesome podcast.

  • Franky (Frankincense) - Known as the King of The Oils, Frankincense is a powerful oil for healing, detoxification and cell apoptosis in toxins or toxic cells in the body. (Lin HK, 2009). If you are working through deep healing and releasing a lot, frankincense can really help. I’ve had huge Herxheimer’s reactions (a reaction to detoxification) to big releases, where my body breaks out in rashes, I feel like I have flu & my energy is all over. This oil can really, really help mop up the toxins and support the body. I actually use it on my skin everyday but I also ingest it in part of the LLV supplement. Do not ingest any oils that are not CPTG as they often can be full of toxins, synthetics and can make you much worse.

  • Life Long Vitality Supplement (LLV) - If you are working through an eating disorder or not, our food generally doesn’t contain all of the nutrients it would have say 50-60 years ago due to mass production. Non-organic actually contains many many toxins in the form of glyphosates which you can research a lot on and it can be linked to ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and other mental illnesses through killing of most of the good and bad gut bacteria & so much more. Anyway, that is another wormhole… Chances are as people working through eating disorders is that there are some gaps in the diet. These deficiencies can make it so very difficult to even begin healing because the brain and body lack the nutrients and capacity to do so. I know that sometimes its hard to give your body nutrients due to the guilt and fear, but if you can and are at the stage where you are open to trying a supplement, this is one of the best in the market and comes in a Vegan option. I know it is a scary thought, but to really heal, at some point you’re going to have to give your body the nutrients it needs. I know this first hand.
    Learn about LLV here.

I know that right now, this all might seem overwhelming, but there are many avenues available to heal from the grips of an eating disorder. There will come a point when you are ready to step forward because until you’ve really really had enough, you’ll be in the cycle of the eating disorder. There is nothing wrong with this. It is the time that you need to eventually become completely fed up of the patterns that control you in order to finally move forward into greater self love and greater healing.

I know you CAN do it. Because I did and still do everyday, but it didn’t happen overnight.

To learn about the support of lifestyle and essential oils in your healing journey it is not advisable to do this without support or guidance. So please, contact me to book a free oils consultation OR JOIN OUR NEXT OILS MASTERCLASS

Do not be afraid, the universe has got your back & so have I.


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