Manifesting & Magic With The Moon, Crystals & Essential Oils

It’s no secret that I just love the moon! The power of the moon and it’s phases can amplify our spellwork, rituals and manifesting.

If you aren’t familiar with spell work, it doesn’t matter too much in the beginning, but simply building a relationship with the moon and its phases is helpful no matter what sort of manifesting you are doing. Even writing something down on good ol’ paper.

Phases of the Moon & Energies

  • New Moon/Dark Moon - A time for renewing intentions, new manifestations, new endeavours, new relationships, new ideas, hope and faith, planting seeds, optimism.
    Crystals - aquamarine, rose quartz
    Essential Oils - Ginger. Ginger brings focus and courage for new projects. A gentle energiser whilst being super grounding also. Diffuse ginger with some lime or use passion blend, my fave!

  • Waxing Moon - Positive transformation, growth, creating, healing, learning new information, accomplishing many tasks. This is a great time to use energy to move forward towards the full moon.
    Crystals - Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian
    Essential Oil - Rosemary & Bergamot. Both of these help to uplift, stimulate and keep focus. They also help to release negativity and stay clear from any toxic energies.

  • Full Moon - Wish Fullfilment, Harvesting, The best time for any spell work, achieving dreams, protection and beginning to think about letting go, too! The best time for manifesting!!!!
    Crystals - Sunstone
    Essential Oil - Rose. The heart chakra oil! Promotes emotional balance during times of change and is balancing between yang and yin energies and helps us with our ability to recieve.

  • Waining Moon - Letting Go, Healing, cleansing, breaking habits, making space, opening up and surrendering.
    Crystals - Clear Quartz, Bloodstone
    Frankincense - Promotes stability and emotional health. It helps you to release any beliefs which stop you from connecting to your truth and intuition.

I love to keep a moon journal. This is where I journal how I felt at each moon phase, any spells i did, any oils that helped me. I also track my menstrual cycle in this too.

This was so helpful for me as it gave me insight to my own unique truth and rhythms so that I can plany my life in a way that reflects my best energies. I no longer plan anything in my bleeding phase but know that at new moon I will be equally as tired. I know when I will have energy to put out to others and when I may benefit from less time with people and more time indoors chilling.

I use the full moon to manifest, simply writing my manifestations in a book usually. I often burn them, but your don’t have to. I just think a conscious effort is key! I’m going to share ritual work soon, so for now, just get familiar with the moon :)

So, my challenge to you, is to start journailling your way through the moon phase and start to notice how you feel. Note physical, emotional, energetic symptoms, qualities and experiences. All is valid.

Share any of your moon tips, I would so love to hear them!!!