What You Need To Know About The Lionsgate Portal...

You may have seen the 8/8 Lionsgate Portal images floating around the internet lately, especially if you are esoteric in any way.

I could get into the mythology of the lionsgate, but honestly, I know you can find that anywhere on google & I think that sometimes intellectualising an intense energetic shift, like this one, means we create an expectation & even lose the subtleties of it in our own life & what it means for us.

For some, this is going to be an extremely uncomfortable & at times, challenging process. Especially for those who are Capricorn, Cancer heavy in their astrology or who have any heavy pluto/saturn transits. It may feel like your world has been turned upside down, inside out and as if everything is crumbling around you… and for others it could be that you suddenly have met your twin flame/soulmate or had a massive breakthrough. In other words, for some its a downhill drop and for others a boing up the hill.

During the months fo June & July, many of us will have been challenged with fated events, relationships collapsing, things changing in a very fated way in which it’s not really clear why at the time. Hindsight begins to bring the jewel of benefit, indeed, but for some of us, we are barely out of the water as the eclipse energies are lasting for 6 months.

With Lionsgate, it’s like an accelarated juju bringing catalystic changes for us. Whether physical, emotional or mental they will be noticable if we really tune in and listen.

Existing relationships will be undergoing challenges where we are in the situation of having to either ascend and grow as individuals in order to grow as a partnership, or, choose to remain the same and separate. Questions such as Where do I end and they begin? What do I need from this relationship and where am I expecting too much? Where does this person trigger me? Where are the opportunities to grow from what I dislike in this person? Am I in love with the soul/the essence of this human?

Single people may get an influx of opportunities, but in that, there’s lessons about who we are. What do we need? What do we want? How can we become more authentic and aligned through meeting these people?

If things are falling away, if people are not choosing to ascend, if life is crumbling from around you, then surrender it and release it. Oh my GODDESS, it is SO hard not to fight it, but our soul purpose cannot come to be, if we are holding onto the relationships, jobs, situtations that keep it from blossoming. Our life is like a road map, literally, and there is not a route that is right or wrong.

We have autonomy in this dimension to create our experience going forward based on where we place our awareness. We have power to work into ourselves and heal those parts which are afraid, hurt, lost, abandoned, in distress. We can move them into our power source and our wisdom. Wherever you feel powerless is where you are incongruent in your being. These places are little holes in the soul where we can clean up and create a stronger foundation. So go towards those hole & dive into the darnkess. Feel that deep inner courage to delve in because Lionsgate offers us a deep healing opportunity that benefits the collective of humanity.

Channel your inner courage and strength, because whatever you are facing, right now, you can get through & you will become a more whole, grounded, powerful goddess who is a force not to be reconed with.

The Lionsgate portal closes on 11th August, so use these few days to really embrace whatever life is throwing at your right now. YOU. HAVE. GOT. THIS.

If you want to work with a coach to help you break through limitations, heal energetically & speed up your road to success and empowerment then you can book healing/packages with me.