5 Ways To Harness The Power of The Full Moon

It’s that time of the month again. No not that time.

The other time where statistically, emergency services schedule more staff on call, there are more mental health admissions than any other time (lunatic – lunar) & on average we lose at least 1 hour of sleep time.

Hanging in the sky like a beautiful jewel, the full moon brings the most full, vibrant & intense energy of the moon cycle. If you think this is all a load of cobblers, think about the ocean tides. When the full moon happens tides are much more extreme. Us humans are 70% water, so it’s natural that the moon affects us in many ways.

From our nutrition, to our exercise, to daily activities to our meditation practice we can use the full moon to our advantage to really amplify its power. If you’re not at all spiritual or you identify with being a witch, there is something you will be able to take from this post and implement into your daily life each month.

So here goes, my favourite ways to use the Full Moon.

Honour your body with Cooling Movement & Breath Practices
Instead of hitting the body hard with heating, high octane workouts, balance the energy of full moon with calming, grounding practices such as walks in nature, yin yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, chandra namaskar (moon salutation) yoga sequences and zen yoga. Try cooling breath practices such as sitali, kumbaka and full yogic breath. These can all be found on youtube.

Make some magic
Over the 3 days spanning full moon, use this time to create magic spells to welcome in anything you like. I called in my love during full moon, called in a release from my old job in full moon & in this one I am doing abundance spells. Use old spells passed on through history, ask for spells given to you in dreamtime or meditation or simply speak with other like minded souls to spells they use.

Cleanse your cards, crystals, sound healing equipment & any other spiritual tools
Put your special tools out under the light of the moon to cleanse them and recharge them

Use the energy to let go of any non serving patterns to make way for new goodness to flow into the void
Find a quiet sacred space and then write down your intentions or non serving patterns. You can write positive affirmations, or any key words which come to mind. Ask the divine power of the moon to help you release things that no longer serve you, peacefully and in divine timing. Then burn the paper.

Take a moon bath
Lie out in the full moon and bathe in its beautiful rays and potent energies. Ask the moon to cleanse your body of all non serving energies and recharge every element of your being.

Full moon is a time to let go, look within and release that which no longer serves. Remember to rest lots, eat grounding foods & really take the opportunity to develop spiritually and listen to the messages from the universe as to what you are here to do and give.

Please comment and share your favourite rituals!