Healing Flus & Colds before they become 'a thing'...

We all know that feeling when the head starts to feel stuffy, throat hurts, energy is low and the sight of coffee turns your stomach. Something’s wrong… but what is it? We think.. this is it.. I am ill. Better eat some Vit C!! Or is there a better way?

Since I have started working with doTERRA and using as part of natural health solutions, I have actually found something that stops common colds and infections in it’s tracks. But how and why do these oils work? What makes them so potent?

Natural medicine one of the most ancient of healing systems. It's wisdom can be traced back to prehistoric times & underpins much of modern medicine in the east and west. Throughout the test of time, practices like Ayurveda still stand strong, even here in the west. Even though natural medicine is considered quackery, when science studies on PubMed are published which reinforce the power of doTERRA Essential oils, its clear to see that our modern day pharmaceuticals and antibiotics, though once VERY EFFECTIVE, are now struggling to match up to the viruses that have outsmarted modern Pharma. There are studies supporting the use of doTERRA against C-Dif, MRSA, Influenza virus and even how frankincense can cause cell apoptosis in foreign and toxic cells, such as cancer.

By no means am I saying Western medicine is rubbish, in fact, I think it's wonderful for acute treatments and treatment of symptoms. But in my journey, there were many of my health conditions that could not be explained by Western medicine. I was bounced around from Doctor to Doctor, blood test to blood test with no avail. Stuck in the system, feeling like a number, tired every day and quite frankly having horrendous periods, stuck with glandular fever, bloated all the time and feeling nowhere near to my best self. I hated it.

Natural medicine & doTERRA opened all the doors for me, personally. In Ayurvedic belief, it is believed that no one illness is the same. For example, Rhinovirus for one person is not the same as for another. Natural medicine is an experiencing medicine.   What that means is all negative symptoms are imbalances And can be assigned qualities known as gunas such as dry, cold, hot, light, heavy, dull, sharp etc. This means that unaddressed imbalances can accumulate and accumulate until they become an illness or a disease.

Rhinovirus, known as the common cold, is an opportunistic virus which will take advantage of an imbalanced, weakened body and then present symptoms of a cold. And whilst some may experience a common cold as just that, cold, heavy and dull (heavy head, shivers, fatigue), others may experience a cold as light, hot, oily and sharp (fevers, mucus, bad digestion, dizziness). 

So, in Ayurveda and natural medicine, what it takes for one person to heal from a cold virus, may not be the same as for another. Changes in seasons often cause a rise in infections, bacterial and viral.

Here are my top tips for getting in tune and helping your body heal from illness (imbalance) before it stops.

Got a cold? Follow these steps:

  • Write down all the symptoms you are feeling

  • Next, with each symptom, examine the feeling, emotion or belief attached to it. For example, Mucus in my nose feels blocked, stuck, congested, heavy, cold.

  • Notice the patterns between all the symptoms. For example, you may notice a lot of coldness (chills), heaviness (mucus, headaches), oiliness (loose stools, mucus) . Or you may notice a lot of dryness (chesty cough, constipation), hotness (fever) and lightness (dizziness)

  • Bring the opposite qualities into your daily routine.
    For example:Cold & Dry imbalance? Drink Warming, Wet fluids such as chai tea, turmeric tea. Oil the body with warming body oils such as sesame oil with a hint of cinnamon to avoid losing moisture through the skin. Head into a steam room. Go into a sauna. Wear a sweater and scarf. Use a humidifier in the house. Avoid Raw Foods. Use Oils like cinnamon, on guard, oregano in cooking and black pepper.
    Hot & Oily imbalance? Try cooling foods such as overnight soaked oats. Avoid overstimulating spices and stick to turmeric, coriander & cumin. Leave a window open at night. Try cooling body oils such as coconut oil with peppermint. Avoid any dairy. Try oils like Peppermint, Lemon & Purify Blend.

  • Start to work on imbalances and then work with All of or ANY OF these 5 essential oils:
    doTERRA On Guard - A powerful antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic blend. You can find studies published on pubmed which show that On Guard inhibits viral protein reproduction, so in other words, viruses are stopped in their tracks. *
    doTERRA Melaleuca - A must. This is because melaleuca is anti fungal and anti bacterial BUT melaleuca can basically breaks down the biofilm sludge around infected cells, in order for the other compounds from other oils to go in and interact with the bacteria and viruses within the cell itself. Check out this vid here.
    doTERRA Oregano - A potent antibiotic. 1 drop is enough. Oregano, paired with melaleuca, breaks into the cell membrane and causes a passing of ions between the cell membrane and outside the cell. This causes the cell to lice and bacteria to die.
    doTERRA Lemon -
    Lemon oil is super powerful for mopping up toxins in the body. Because doTERRA is CPTG (click here to understand what that means) it works much deeper than any lemons you can get from supermarket, as it is cold pressed concentrated. Its like.. a lotta lemon in one drop!!! Lemon is powerful for detoxification, it can even help your body process plastics and remove from the body, causing weight loss as harmful toxins from non organic cleaners , bleaches, detergents and plastic off foods stores in out fat tissue and stays there until it is safe to release.
    doTERRA Frankincense - Frankincense is INSANELY powerful. It is know as the king of oils. It can support with cellular vitality, cell apoptosis in cancerous, foreign or toxic cells, it support the immune system and mood. It can even be used to stop migraines before they come on top of the mouth.

    Take these 5 oils, but even just Melaleuca, On Guard and Oregano are enough if that is all you have. Have 1-2 drops each in water, every two hours until symptoms subside. So powerful.

Please not that I do not intend to diagnose or treat any conditions. If you are worried, please consult your doctor. Oils can be a powerful natural tool to help you, as can natural medicine, but it is important you feel empowered to make your own choices about your own health care. There is no one size fits all.

t is SO important you do not ingest, use on skin any of these oils unless they are doTERRA. in fact, most essential oils will not actually work unless they are certified pure therapeutic grade. Although this sounds dogmatic, if you click here you will understand more why this is true.

Each body is unique and special in its constitution, so getting to be more body aware is absolutely key to feeling more balanced and well. What works for one person, does not necessarily work for another.

Let me know your favourite remedies for colds and flus!! Do you take to the bed, or sweat it out?

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