Essential Oils for Your Zodiac Sign

Compared to the heaviness of my usual blogs, I thought I would share something super fun :D

If you know your sun, moon, rising, Venus and mars signs, you can go by that! I found all my personal astrological placements out at or

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Anyway, let’s have a look see what doTERRA oils balance out different astrological influences.

  • Aries - Lavender, Serenity Blend or Peppermint.
    You know that you lot are total amazing go getters & fun signs, but with your natural way to get a little impatient, these blends will soon relax, calm, and cool you off.

  • Taurus - Cedarwood, Peace blend, Passion blend & Zengest
    Lovely taurus! You are slow and steady, and maybe can give too much out at times. Cedarwood is fab for some me time. I know you just love food and relaxing, so some zengest can be good for some digestive sluggishness from overindulging. Try out some peace / passion blend for relaxation times to bring the most gorgeous sensory experience to your day.

  • Gemini - Serenity, Peace & Balance
    Geminis are often mentally overstimulated and constantly changing, so try out these grounding blends to keep you on planet earth and slow you down a little

  • Cancer - Peppermint & Console blend
    Oh sweet cancerians. I love you guys, but you can also get a little anxious and run down from being a natural nurturer and empath. Try peppermint to help calm you down, help Any inflammation. You can use console blend if you’re feeling particularly emotionally overwhelmed or feeling dented.

  • Leo - Ginger & Vetiver
    Gorgeous Leos. You can be prone to some giddiness, low self esteem (which you’d never let anyone see) , having a life full of drama and much more. You LOVE seeing people and friends, but be careful not to overdo it and end up feeling really crappy when you’re alone. Try ginger to soothe any burnout and vetiver to keep you rooted in planet earth.

  • Virgo - Ylang Ylang & Peace blend
    Virgo people can be prone to inner OCD with a constant mercurial mind which never switches off. Oh you sweet souls, try to embrace ylang ylang to get you more into feminine flow state and let go of that yang forward moving energy.

  • Libra - Motivate Blend & Patchouli
    Sweet Librans are always weighing things up, sitting back and taking a long time with decisions and can often not take any action or worry about the decisions they make because they are so busy thinking of all outcomes, people and need to balance things out. Try out motivate to help you perhaps take decisions and patchouli to help you ground into Mother Earth so that you can feel confident in your choices. I love Librans :D

  • Scorpios - Rose, Forgive & Serenity
    Passionate and intense scorpios can be prone to feelings of real intensity. I love scorpios and their passion but sometimes they can come too much into the emotions without stepping back into the heart. Rose is fabulous to recenter into the heart and shift resentment. You can use forgive blend in the same way. Serenity will be good for coming out of intense emotion and into the body so there is more space for reflection and less for reaction.

  • Saggitarius - Melaleuca, on guard & Vetiver
    Sagg’s love adventure and excitement but all of that can take it’s toll. For grounding, use vetiver when travelling and use melaleuca & on guard to really help with immunity with all the change and adventure you may be having

  • Capricorn - Sandalwood, Frankincense and Serenity
    Caps are hard workers and really everything for them is a ascend up the mountain. Whilst caps are generally laid back they are always climbing the mountain. For them it is so important to come into the body and relax and slow down. For this reason, franki, sandalwood are powerful for meditation and connecting with inner calm and wisdom. Serenity is powerful for slowing down.

  • Aquarius - Roman Chamomile & Motivate
    Eccentric aquarians may find themselves prone to some mental burnout and idea overload. So use chamomile to relax and have more ability to make things happen rather than things staying as ideas

  • Pisces - Vetiver & Myrrh
    Dreamy pisces can benefit from coming down to planet earth but also can lack the feeling of being nurtured and often spend a lot of time nurturing others. For this reason Myrrh is a fab one to add in.

    Just a little giggle. Share your zodiac sign and which oils you like :D

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