“Nobody has every understood me until cassie. I Feel like she got me in a way nobody else could. Cassie has helped me so much and i am so grateful she came into my life”

“For a woman of 45, I never thought i’d be able to do a headstand. I thought, nope, not for me. but with cassie’s patience, professionalism and guidance, sure as she said, within 4 months, i did it! cassie is an excellent coach and i would recommend her to anyone. and now i have no knee pain!”

“cassie helped me get pain free, not just once, for life. i now know what to do to keep pain free. life changing”

“thank god for cassie, now i can sleep again. i thought i’d be an insomniac for life. her techniques and strategies are more than just food and lifestyle, she helps you go deeper to really change things”